Core Values

Core Values

Work is great, and we love getting it, but to us there’s a lot more to what we do than a paycheck. Our 5 Core Values guide our organization and help us add value to yours.

1. Go only where we’re needed: The kind of work we do is still fairly cutting edge in some industries. Occasionally, a company will think they need our services when in fact they would be better off going in another direction. During an initial consultation we assess our clients’ needs and determine if we’re the right fit. If we are, great! If not, we happily direct them to another source.

2. Focus on value, not hours: We want our clients to feel as though they can reach out anytime without having to worry about billable hours. So we base our fee on value, not hours. Once a fee is decided, you have total access to our brains. End of story.

3. Sleep well at night: We take a lot of pride in our work, and we like to feel good about ourselves at the end of the day. While we recognize that no company (or person) is perfect, it’s important to us that we work with the kind of businesses we feel proud to stand behind.

4. Be honest or be gone: A consultant without an opinion is like a photographer without a camera. Clients pay us to share our thoughts and expertise, and we believe in earning our living. Therefore, we make it a rule to always be (respectfully) honest with our clients and partners. Even if it isn’t always easy.

5. Operate with integrity, always: It’s a simple rule, but one that is too often forgotten. As an organization, we place an extremely high value on integrity. That means we keep our promises, treat people with respect (no matter their title or paygrade), and take our Core Values seriously. Integrity matters to us, and we hope it does to our clients too.